Tackling Your Junk Drawer

Junk DrawerLet’s stop kidding around with this drawer of terror! If you can get your junk drawer to open, tackle it immediately.  Try using these two suggestions for a better psychological approach to your junk drawer:

  • Rename The Drawer. Junk implies unwanted and unloved objects that no one wants. In reality, what you will find in this drawer are rogue shirt buttons, missing pens, recipes cards, paper clips, post-it notes, loose change, etc.  Things in this drawer are not unwanted but misplaced and are often there because we could not figure out where to put them at that moment. So let’s rename the drawer, “Relocation Services” because everything in it is just waiting to be relocated to a new home.
  • Pre-Organize Your Drawer. Part of the problem with tackling this drawer is that when it’s opened, everything rolls astray all over the place.  Avoid this problem in advance by placing a small silverware tray, small box lids, or an office drawer organizer inside the drawer so when you place objects in there, you can go ahead and organize them. Tackling the drawer will be less daunting when everything already seems somewhat organized.

Now let’s get started on that junk drawer.  Approach, Open, Experience the Horror, Attack!

Drop me a line and let me know how it’s going for you.

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